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The problem of data compatibility in digitisation: Digitisation and networking are the keys to increased efficiency and innovation and thus to the competitiveness of all sectors in high-wage countries. Ensuring consistency in data transmission and integration represents one of the greatest challenges in view of the large number of isolated solutions currently available, from optimization and automation projects for administrative processes to the establishment of intelligent, highly networked value chains over the entire product lifecycles.

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Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting is about connection four dots: Digital, Operations, Technology and Strategy. It puts the different visions into practice that have been cultivated with the clients. We advise our clients on how to implement technology solutions that have meaningful impact on their business objectives. Node 4.0 is the place where we implement new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, creating interfaces and we are bringing them all together through the new ways of working using stuffs like design thinking and agile at scale so that the clients can get the innovation faster.

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Node 4.0 helps you save money and time. We will help you set up your IoT devices, collect data on the IoT platform, explore and visualize them. With our advanced machine learning services, you will be able to analyze data and detect anomalies in historical data. Our data visualization will change the way you think about your business.

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