NODE 4.0 is an interface machine that provides integration and transformation services between two data sources by pulling data from the source and automatically “translated” into the format of the target source . The customer thus has enormous added value with minimal effort on his own part, which extremely lowers the usage inhibition threshold.

Internet of Things

The biggest challenge for big data technologies is to visualize and extract knowledge from different types of IoT data (structured, unstructured, real-time, etc.). Node 4.0 aims to help companies capture the desired data from various complex IoT data sources. We provide companies with clean, trustworthy and high quality data for their IoT analyses.

The value of digital transformation in all industries could exceed $100 trillion over the next 10 years

Another important strategy for us is the partnerships and cooperation with IT companies, especially IoT solution providers and sensor manufacturers. They can use our software as a complementary product and offer their customers better solutions (win-win).

Federated Learning

Today, devices like mobile phones generate daily data about personal preferences, which can be an optimal input for personalized machine learning models. Federated learning allows mobile phones to learn a common predictive model together and simultaneously store all training data on the device. Federal learning, despite standardized machine learning approaches that require centralization of training data on a machine or in a data center, provides a unique opportunity to create such personalized models.

Data Semantization

When using new data sources, the question of the importance of these data will arise at a certain point in time. To make the most of the knowledge acquired, the data element must be linked to a concept, i.e. to the object (physical or abstract) it carries. Data semanticization overcomes the barriers created by data heterogeneity and provides a better understanding of environmental conditions. With a growing number of sensors and devices connected to the Internet, semantics is playing an increasingly important role in data integration, data interoperability, and data understanding.

System Integration Environment

We support Cloud, Edge (On-premise) and Hybrid platforms



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